Cumulus Advanced Technologies, ANTIVAXXER LOAN SCAMMERS DBA CareOne Debt Relief/"DEBT RELIEF GROUP"


“Hi, this is Kate from DRG. Today is Thursday, and I’ve been trying to reach you regarding the consolidation of your unsecured accounts. This is a final call before we close your file. Please call back today at 979-530-1812. Anyone in the office can help you if I’m not here. Thank you.”


Calls are picked up by the “Debt Relief Center.” Callers are asked to press 1 for “financial assistance” and to continue their “application,” or press 2 to be added to their do-not-call list.

  • Pressing 1 presents another prompt, telling callers that they must have at least $7,000 in unsecured debt in order to qualify for “financial assistance” before prompting callers to press 1 again to speak with an “agent” from DGB.

Pressing 1 again will place you on hold, with Escape by Rupert Holmes for their hold music, before transferring you to an agent from CareOne Debt Relief, Inc.

  • Pressing 2 will simply hang up the call, not adding your name to their internal do-not-call list.

Calling any of their numbers will also subscribe them to fraudulent text messages from ‪(347) 952-7468‬




CareOne Debt Relief is a fraudulent credit counseling/financial service by Bernie Dancel with Tommy Heuges as CEO. It appears to be a subsidiary of Cumulus Advanced Technologies, LLC, an omni-channel advertising service and, by extension, Revvu.

They are located at 9755 Patuxent Woods Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, Maryland 21046

and 12884 S Frontrunner Blvd #140, Draper UT 84020

The company is also listed on the Better Business Bureau as Care One Credit, where they have an A+ grade despite one complaint that they blamed on CareCredit, LLC, as well as a location of 5414 W Daybreak Pkwy Ste C4, South Jordan, UT 84009-5905, which belongs to a UPS Store.

Not only will this company charge you as much as $1,000/month for them to do absolutely nothing about your debt, they will also sell your account to other companies like MMI, spoof local numbers, issue multiple text messages per day and even spread antivaxxer propaganda on their Twitter account.


Associated Facebook Account - Facebook

Associated LinkedIn Accounts:
CareOne Debt Relief Services: Overview | LinkedIn
Cumulus Advanced technologies: About | LinkedIn
Tommy Heuges | LinkedIn
Bernie Dancel | LinkedIn

Associated Twitter Account - CareOne Debt Relief (@CareOneWorks) / Twitter

Associated YouTube Channel - Tommy Heuges - YouTube

Associated Phone Number - (888) 889-0565

“Thank you for calling CareOne Debt Relief Services, where we help to consolidate your unsecured debt into one lower monthly payment you can afford. Calls may be monitored for quality and training purposes. If you are calling for help with unsecured debt, such as credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and collections accounts, press 5 now. For customer service, press 3.”

(888) 828-5787

“Hello, you have reached the customer service team regarding your debt consolidation program. Please be advised, this call will be recorded for quality assurance. For faster service, you can send a text to (888) 828-5787. Again, for faster response, we recommend you send us a text message to (888) 828-5787. Otherwise, please hold for the next available agent.”

(877) 337-1277

791. The number you dialed is not in service.


(800) 931-1998

791. The number you dialed is not in service.


(877) 958-8761

Number no longer in service, now used for $100 retail rebate vouchers.


Associated Email Addresses:
[email protected] (Not to be confused with CareOne, LLC)
[email protected]
[email protected]

NEW NUMBER: (386) 291-3021


This time, the scammers called my ACTUAL number instead of my Google Voice number solely used for scambaiting purposes.

NEW NUMBER - (660) 380-1352

Scammers have blocked my Google Voice number, but they’ll continue receiving calls on my actual number.

The reason why the search doesn’t return a network carrier is because there isn’t one
It’s an unallocated invalid number

Invalid number

If that’s the case, then why was I able to call back from my cell phone and not my Google Voice number?

The care factor is low on heavenly divine miracles today
They are unallocated numbers for thousands of numbers in that block range
They have only allocated into the previous million numbers which is clearly evident

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