CSGO skin scam ‪(850) 254-7246‬












‪(850) 254-7246‬
‪(813) 333-7259‬
‪(863) 248-0708‬
‪(941) 981-1141‬
‪(609) 913-0020‬
‪(818) 337-2607‬
‪(760) 645-6173‬
‪(631) 229-1057‬
‪(862) 772-1015‬
‪(845) 704-5118‬
‪(805) 204-2911‬

Why this is a scam:
1: They don't ask for your trade URL.
2: They only take 1 form of payment, Visa or MasterCard.
3: Numbers for all the sites seem to be connected to the same call center.
4: Live support for trade and estimated time of delivery is nonexistent.
5: I found them all from typosquatted redirects.
6: They dont have any trade bots on steam or the anyone by the name of "MIRMIGIA MARKET"
7: Most of these sites aren't listed on Google
8: There is no way to tell how much stock exists for an item.
9: All sites where created around the same time.

This scam more or less resembles the Keto diet pill scam. Where you buy something and end up getting unexpected charges to your card. At least with the Keto pills, they send you something. These sites do not. They are basically all the same.

I called and said “I am calling about the CSGO Skins”

and they said this is a 3rd party payment company, you have the wrong number.

@hammythesyrianhamster#129228 They seem to be third party support. But they are fully aware of the scam. I questioned them about the sites and they just reply with “we provide support for over a hundred different websites”. That doesnt excuse the BS fact they know exactly what they are doing and who is paying them to do it. I hear that excuse come from fake dating site supports and the diet pill scammers. They accept dirty money which makes them complicit in the scam. They also choose not to report such behavior to authorities or anyone for that matter.

@Snipez#129229 So what to say to them? They are fully Indian Bhenchods too.