Cryptosupport scammers

I am trolling them hard as fuck, when you call them press 2 for billing support then you get male scammers. Here is my conversation.


25 minutes of trolling

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 888-556-4385

XDDDDD these mofos are so dumb XDd

I need to get a second cell phone I keep getting blocked!

@TeamB#21045 LOL that was awesome

@KomradeKarl666#21047 if you go to and make an account, click the three lines (looks like this -----> =

and press settings. After that change the caller id to a number (ex.911, 7149210312, etc.)

@Mad4rch0d#21076 Please be careful when just randomly selecting numbers…I usually pick numbers of stores like Wal-Mart, etc… A lot of times the scammer tries to call back and they could get some innocent person who actually falls for their scam. It’s happened before.

@scumbagscammers#21120 just enter random 9 or 10 digits. You can do it in a pattern. They come out as invalid when scammers try to call back. For example, 9998898554