Cryptocurrency winnings. Discord scams

Another one of those “Lottery winning” Type scams except I won a “0.347 BTC” which you can keep track of the price with the google search below.

0.347 BTC to USD Exchange rate.

Another failed attempt to scam someone. I Downed their discord already Just waiting to do the site.
Discord seems to attack Scammers and Hackers well, sometimes between 2 and 5 days however I Had a person threatening me gone in under 2hrs only to see him return with a: “You cost me $1000 USD Getting me “Termed”” And I said I’d do it again, And he started talking shit, so I did it again. $2000 in Stolen Amazon products canceled, his accounts burnt, His dox published and $2000 in sales gone. Not my issue but what ever.

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