Cryptocurrency Trade Scammer (+12133736954)

Scam Number: +12133736954
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam:
I saw a review on Facebook where someone posted a review that actually promoted a scam (it was not related to the business at all). The review was promoting someone who could help with Cryptocurrency trades, and it appears to be a type of a “double your money” scam (although based on what it says, you can more than double your money) Here is what the review said:

Have never experience such a sensitive target in my whole life until I met with Mrs Anita Crypto Fx, Best trader who is skillful and has being handling my trade with her signal over a year now. With minimum $750 you are sure to hit $11,050 wow all within a week. Thanks for your good work and God bless you.
You can reach out to her on
WhatsApp +12133736954 Email: [email protected]

The review was posted by the Facebook user Nkoh Llyh Skwah Ttyh.

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