Crypto yahoo scam

Scam Number: +234 806 598 3133
Scammer’s Website or Email: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Additional information about this scam: He says he is from the UK lol but won’t admit he is a yahoo boy.

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I’m currently baiting Yahoo boys who is the guy in there and what forum is he on on telegram


He calls himself David but I highly doubt it. And the telegram platform is where they get people to go their site to pay.

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Is he in the Yahoo boys group chat

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Just one Yahoo update.

He isn’t a big or small time Yahoo boy I would classify him as average.

I’ll look into it

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I cannot see him can you send a screen shot of his image or anything cheers

Well the dude blocked me. So that’s probably a good call.

The only evidence I have is that he was using the BTC format. am David Williams a professional trader from UK and I’m here to teach people how to earn a lot of money in this beautiful platform so please can I know your country name INVESTMENT PLANS

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Awsome mate I’m currently baiting 3 bitcoin scammers and I have gained two bank accounts that I’ve reported and I’ll find him also thanks for update buddy

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There is only one person in the group and his name is William David wd in green

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