Crypto Scam (FB Messenger)

Scam Number:
Domain Used: FB Messenger
Extra Info: I got a random fb message from a guy I never met. He said that he looked at my profile and liked that I was into business. He would respond with 1 sentence responses while quickly copying and pasting large chunks of text wayyyyy faster than it would be possible to type it (and I consider myself a fast typer)

He would talk about how great investing in Crypto is and I would just say things like “cool” or “neat” and he said “are you ready to proceed then?”

He wants me to sign up on his website. Atlantis Capitals - Investment Company

I can’t prove it’s a scam but either way I’m definitely not doing it. The number on the website lists 831-219-8493. And the FB account was under the name “Billy Gh Doug”

Here is his fb page Redirecting... (probably a reg flag that his name is supposedly Billy) and I got a link of his associate/advisor.