Crypto Exchange/Cloud Mining Service

Scammer’s Number: N/A
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Another Go Daddy TLD.

Now as we all know thanks to @thunder Go Daddy doesn’t do shit to disable scams or websites hosting anything so I guess DDoS the site? IDK Keep it legal or off the books.

I’d like to put a notice out there too anyone going to weird sites, the first thing I Look for when deciding a site’s validity is how it looks.

Minimalist design means less loading and allows for better security yet looks professional, Animated Backgrounds use a lot of resources so websites such as Coinbase don’t use them.

Now this site promises you a clean experiance and was “Founded” in 2017 with a copyright coming in 2018. Website from Info was made less then 1 month ago (2 days off a month at the time of writing) and claims to be super legit.

Their Business Email is: [email protected] (which if you’re wondering it’s super unprofessional).

“Email for account-related issues and cardholder correspondence” [email protected] However if you scroll over the link whist on the page the email comes back to the protonmail above. I will email protonmail and alert them while this is being “approved”

Now there’s a lot of stupid BS Behind this site’s design and shit anyone would notice:

Empty “[Insert Big but creative word here] Slogans here”.png visable and never removed nor updated.

The website on google comes back “Unlisted” for the most part even adding the .com in the search, and google claims there’s not a lot of results.

the website has to reassure it’s users nobody has scammed anyone.

The copyright is off from what the website claims. The copyright should be updated to 2021 and not 2018 with a claim of being founded in 2017.

It’s so bad that it failed to take care of the most blatenly obvious things.