Critical alert from microsoft

number: 888-609-0405

works for firertc but not google voice

Just scambaited them! Number doesn’t work on FireRTC, use Google Voice instead

Both Google Voice and FireRTC is blocked. Their call quality isn’t good, but what do you expect? ?

Works ?

FireRTC worked for me yesterday. Over two hours of their time wasted on a single call. Fun fact - I didn’t even use a VM, just pretended to try to follow their instructions ? One said they are in Texas, another one that they are in California, another one said the’re in India ? They only tried, no other software.

The 888-609-0405 number seemed to be a very populated call centre, then they transferred me to a technician in less noisy room/office.

additional numbers they gave me:
888-287-1902 customer service
888-287-7381 technical support
Website (when I finally started pushing):
Company names: Mytechbay (First mention), Ewebtm (Billing, mentioned when they took my "card" info)