Credit Card Scammers

Today, I received a call on my landline stating that my credit card account was going to be closed unless I spoke to an agent immediately. Funny thing is that I have no credit cards. They use a hold system similar to what the tech support scammers use.

I spoke to them and asked for a number to call back with and they said they could not give me a call back number because of the department he worked in. I can call back to the number and I get the same automated message which they called me with. When I press 1 to speak to an agent, I get the hold message and then silenece (I am not sure if it's because I have a poor connection or not). I asked them to call me later that day (which they did not).

Number: (954) 314-8731

Update: They called back today with a new number. Messed with him and said he'll call back another time. Tried to call back with number they called me and that one doesn't work sadly either.

Number: +1 (337) 578-4556

They won’t answer for me either. @ZiggyKhan#6269

I wonder if they ever call the north’s Korea great leader or it’s (voice imposter) Jnteamed.

Or Russia’s worst leader (FuelDaFlame) @Jnteamed#6272

@FuelDaFlame#6285 We are 2 presidents, one ready to launch it to their call center.

We are the dicatorbaiters! @Jnteamed#6325

@FuelDaFlame#6327 Let’s call them and tell them we are going to launch it.

I hope the real kim jong wu see this and help us blast their call centers.

It’ll be the cold call war @Jnteamed#6334

@FuelDaFlame#6341 And World calling scammers war 3

XD @Jnteamed#6386

Neither of the numbers work with FireRTC. @ZiggyKhan#6269