Credit Card Scam

Stealing the Credit Card Details From Us Customers

Did you guys took action ?


@jamesallen#191968 hosted on Github

These idiots have a discord server: helpquickpay's server


@Markiemm#192215 krazzykamal

Self Dox:


i’m in their Discord server lmfao

Get in the server lol

This scammer also has a windows support scam site source code on his github

A lotta scammers probably use this



krazzykamal…. Kamal is a common Indian first name. Perhaps fake.

Kamal Bhakuni []( says: day trader

from New delhi

twitter Kamal Bhakuni


He is from Haldwani

However is probably operating from New Delhi, 'cause he wrote a review on some restaurant in New Delhi.


Not definitive, I could go to the other side of the world, go to a restaurant and review it


ye true, but @drwat also said he is from New Delhi


How dare you assume drwat's gender


i meant to say @drwat said the scammer is from new delhi


I think they meant that drwat said the scammer was from New Delhi lol

alrighty - as long as no-one is offended by gender assumption then everything is all good here

I shall relax :)

Give him a call at (629) 222-2951