Crazy cult leader trying to sell essential oils and cures for cancer

I keep getting calls of this person trying to send me essential oils to cure my medical disorder. She claims she can cure cancer, athsma, and homosexuality. She’s also a prophet of god. She’s trying to recruit people to a cult or get them to fund her cult. Go ahead and give (931)954-8921 a call.

Some key words:
Santanism, god
Essential oils, cancer
the bible/church
Posession and demons

Any of those above words will get her trying to recruit you. Have fun hopefully she stops huh?

Do reply what she says. I’m quite curious.

This looks like someone’s personal phone number. I believe it belongs to a person named Krystina, based off of my sources.

@reportingscammers007#96670 You could be right. Perhaps this should be taken down? I was 98% sure this is fraudulent tho.

@QuitSellingMeOil1234#96673 If a mod sees this please take it down. Must have been a confusion.