Crap Links in BobRTC Will Now Result in -100XP

The box on BobRTC that is asking for a link to a thread is asking for a link TO A THREAD DISCUSSING THE PHONE NUMBER.

It is there so that users can jump to and read about the phone number entry.

If a Phonebook Moderator has to remove your link, your BobRTC account will be deducted 100 experience points.

Your Call Token credits will also be deducted by 50C.

image 2019-07-30-20-28-59jpg.jpeg![image 2019-07-30-20-28-59jpg.jpeg](

@kenzo#102236 heyy kenzo have a question what bout the numbers that are removed bcuz they’re not in service anymore does that deduct it as well or is it only with legit business n citizens numbers??


We don't remove numbers simply because a scammer has decided to park it. When you remove a number you're actually blocking it meaning that it can never be put into the system again. It will also block it at the phone switch. So if the scammer unparks the number and resumes scamming from it, nobody can call it.

Removing a number is only meant for when the number was entered in error or it's confirmed that it's not a scammer number. Over time a dead number that stays dead will fall off the search screens.

Right now we're not deducting for removing numbers from the phonebook. I am debating adding a mod panel for demerits/deductions because we have one particular user creating alts, trying to enter garbage into the phonebook and now that we have the phonebook add raised to 580XP, he's desperately putting crap links on to dial cards trying to get access to add numbers to the phonebook again.

His alts are shadowbanned so as he creates more alts we'll have to continue shadowbanning them all until he demonstrates that he's willing to not put garbage into the phonebook.

@kenzo#102283 gotchu Roger that kenzo!!!

@kenzo#102283 hey kenzo got my first call rejected message on 512-957-1739 ssa irs catagory wat i do with those that have that message?

@Scambaiter956#102317 keep calling it.

Call rejected is an asterisk message because the scammer set up their hunt group to fail when it can't find an available agent to pick up the phone. Usually this means they're all on the phone.

@kenzo#102323 alrightyyy will do lol