Craigslist Scams/ Facebook Scams/ Letgo Scams THIS DIDN'T START THIS WEEK NEED A CLASS ACTION SUIT

The scammers all being"deployed overseas" need quick sale. They permit it as it’s SOO EASY to detect their traits. That’s like Adult Dating Sites so easy to see the scammers they just ignore it.
I wonder if they have kickbacks? Or the IT people just that damned stupid? If it’s the latter I have emailed what to do and they never have. Example: COM when that KEY WORD is in the ad at Conslist and Letgoto scammers sites they KNOW they have already overode their detection of gmail addresses in the ad. GMAIL PHONE COMPANIES too as well as ADULT SITES ( ALL lol ) should REQUIRE a GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID to CREATE ads, emails, phone numbers. I’m no where near an IT wiz and I know this yet their incompetent IT people can’t stop most of this? Bullshit!

We are not attorneys, we’re not able to file a class action lawsuit.

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I realize that. This is bigger than this website. Thanks