CRA scammers 705-986-0509

CRA Indian scammers “Allen Spencer” and “Eric Foster”

They say the RCMP will be at my door in 45 minutes.

They abuse in Hindi.

705-986-0509 is a Distributel and is located in the city of Barrie in ON.

@drwat#69976 @Darrell64#69989 I will see if it is still up tomorrow. Check out my hour with SSA. At the end she was so frustrated that she was stumbling around. My husband did a great job at the very end and before she started swearing. I hate women scammers. If you can stand that droning voice, good for you.

@JusticeinTexas#70002 looks like you scared a bunch of the scammers off it’s hard to find any to connect to… switched my number a bunch of times but it’s slim pickins tonight

@kenzo#70003 Oh, I am sorry! I want everybody to get in on the fun. It is possible, I suppose, after listening to my awful Texas drawl that they smack their heads against a wall and quit. I know that my husband, after listening to my calls, lays his head on the table and want to cry and says if I talked like that all the time he would bean me. ; )

Still active this morning. Apparently not very quick at blocking numbers either.

Oooh yes they are suspicious but you can get some short ones in there like mine. lol he just says “motherfucker”

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 705 986 0509

@ieatscammers#70069 lol thats awesome. I had them on for over half an hour. It was pretty cool I actually got to talk to agent Ashley Johnson who I had talked to a couple weeks ago. Used the same name and fake address. She told me to go to the same store. Think she got suspcious when I started whistling the canadian national anthem and then when they went to send me the QR code I think they realized and she told me to take the money and put it “where the sun don’t shine”. Wish I could get FireRTC but I guess I started scambaiting too late!

@gmason#70098 @ieatscammers#70069 @kenzo#70003 They have gone to voicemail now.

Just called them a second ago from a 224 area code and they answered.

@gmason#70106 I called twice and they picked up but as soon as I started talking they hung up then went to voicemail. I am using a 867 YT number. They are really wary.

yeah I called them back a few times but they have me blocked hard now. Kept playing them the bhenchod song. One guy liked it and wanted to know what the name of it was.

@JusticeinTexas#70104 … Same here it says to leave a voicemail

@gmason#70098 The QR code in my opinion likely points to a BitCoin Wallet.

@Darrell64#70468 Yep it does. I had talked to them (they had different number then) a couple weeks ago from the same number and I think they realized they had already sent codes to that number when they went to send me the new ones lol. Here was my call with them a couple weeks ago.

@gmason#70471 I love your video, masterfully time waster. These scammer work really hard for their 11,000 rupees per month.

Send them back this QR code... LOL
![image bhenchod-songpng.png](upload://1dwYvKPT6LwfA0HgKfOq3K3oxpZ.png)![image bhenchod-songpng.png](upload://1dwYvKPT6LwfA0HgKfOq3K3oxpZ.png)

@gmason#70098 I also talked to “Ashley Johnson” badge CRM4178566. She says she is 20 year old Nagamese and her boy friend also scams in another call center. They live in New Delhi so the scam center is either in New Delhi or neighboring city of Noida.

Your YT video was excellent. Based on the accent, two female Indian scammers "Ashley Johnson"and "Grace Wilson"are from New Delhi/Noida locality and strong possibility that they have Punjabi accent.

Also Gerrard Street East (Toronto) is also called " Little India ". The shops are mostly Indian and Pakistani origin folks. Many victims are led to the Bitcoin ATM there.

Thanks! Hmm that’s interesting it seems like a lot of the Indian scammers are Punjabi. I told them my address was the biggest apartment building in Toronto. Never been to Toronto but I do need to go to that exact spot some day lol. Yeah I was honestly surprised about the bitcoin machine. I really didn’t know what they were talking about at first.

@gmason#70524 But you did such an excellent scambaiting.

Canadian victims are more frequently persuaded to go to Bitcoin/Crypro-Currency ATMs than in the USA. Typically in Vancouver and Toronto.

Last week I did see YT videos where the SSA (USA social security) scammer tells the “victims” to go to Bitcoin ATMs in Burbank and in Sacramento, California