CRA Scammer

CRA: Canada Revenue Agency.

Shut them down on Friday but they seem to be back up.


Here's my conversation with them:

Great. Why do these guys think they sound American or Canadian? I love when they say you were audited for 2017 when you have not filed yet or just filed. I had one call and say he was CRA and when I said who? he said No, no no, IRS.

I am just getting the call being picked up, silence for 10 seconds, and then a hang up… not sure what that is all aboot. :wink:

@6flagsray#26759 I assume you called from a Canadian exchange.

Sure did. 416 for the GTA. I’ll try again, maybe with a Montreal or Vancouver area code.

Edit- got through with a 778 area code. They have been added to my rotation for the afternoon!

@6flagsray#26765 Good for you!

What do you use for calling these guys?

@ItsAlucard#26788 I don’t know which of us in this thread you are speaking to, but I use both a burner phone number and Firertc, depending on which persona I am using.

calling them right now

Great to hear these guys are getting their kermuppins!

I just got done talking to David Miller and he was a great person for the CRA just call the number and say Roger sends his regards

@Leatherneck97#26928 Ah yes, David Miller. How many times have I heard that name. Too many!