CRA Scammer did not like Silly Me

437-637-0281 - CRA scammer did not like silly me and hung up when I said the baby kicked. It took me 3 calls to get him back and of course he devolved into the usual pig. But it was fun!

Your husband must be great great grandson of the scientist: Jean Charles Athanase Peltier.

I studied “Peltier effect” in college (thermoelectric).

It seems scammers think all Canadians live in big cities (within couple of miles of Walmart). They do not realize that most of Canada is so thinly populated.

Nov 9: 10:41 Active: One of the worst fauxCRA lines ever, I started with “parlez-vous Francais” and was told to speak English… Calls go dropped.

@drwat#62412 Yeah, I have some new addresses. On is 3 hours from a Walmart and the other is 12 hours from a Walmart! Both First Nations towns. Can’t wait to use them.

@Darrell64#62428 Too funny!