CRA scam 289-308-7302 (easy to trigger)

2019/04/08: 12:10 PM EDT: 289-308-7302: fake CRA, triggered relayed via Rogers wireless Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


2019/04/09 289-308-7302 is still up, getting some busy signals. I grow weary of calling them, so I just outsourced to Scammer Blaster who’ll call flood them.

Also reported to Rogers security.

2019/04/10: 10:42 AM EDT: 289-308-7302 they are still at it. This scammer said he was born in Oto-tow-wa, can’t pronounce his home town. My script I asked why I was getting called again, that I paid $7,820 last week in iTunes grift cards.

Made a YouTube video