Cra scam (289) 200-3277

Ms Evette Persis talks to a lazy bum who admits to be a scammer “Morgan Lucas” Good-For-Nothing idiot

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@Darrell64 This CRA scammer is a bum. He wants to come to Canada by hook or crook. He wants to come as a student and but not study, visitor but overstay illegally and work, He does not believe in education. No mercy for this stupid man.

Lol they even pretend to call the local authorities

Here is the Service Canada (CSSA) number d’jour…

Not CRA, but worth harassing.. 226-270-4763

2019/07/18 10:00 AM EDT Service Canada, via Iristel, London, ON ported to TextNow?

Just had a very nice long chat with these folks I fucked with them for at least two hours

if you want to help out feel free to contact the antifraud center, but dont worry the news article is a scam they dont really care or try to stop the cra scam. If they did they would have a online reporting tool like and who give a rats ass but they dont so. There is more than enough evidence of the people who do the scams on this site and online. People even record them doing it on their webcams and send it to them and still nothing. Yet they ask for assistance, what a scam.