CRA Scam 1-437-220-9625

CRA Scam 1-437-220-9625 Toronto area code. Again this is the minimum of three scammer call. Opener, passed to Higher Authority. Who asks for the local RCMP phone number, they put me (on the Federally recorded line) on hold so the fauxRCMP can call me spoofing the local RCMP number. Both the New Delhi based CRA & RCMP are using Chinese made headset they buy for 99¢ per pound on eBay.

Their side dropped the call 4-5 times. The closer had very little Indian accent, and admitted he was in Delhi.

These scams have too many people to close the sale.

This number is live…light em up!

Another (fauxCRA) one that’s been live for 10 days is: 1-226-721-1239, mind you it was IRS for 2 days and switched back to CRA…