CRA -- LIke this guy was LIke and idiot Like

613-417-3577 – Like Kevin Williams was like a total like buffoon. He could have like cared less like that my husband died of cancer. He actually like said, “Well, we can’t dig him out of his grave”. Cold hearted nasty person and I just could not take his like like like and his mumble mouth. As usual, when I called him out, he kept up the scam. Like for real, like.


@JusticeinTexas#70591 I think I got him paranoid FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 613 417 3577

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 613 417 3577

@TheSpartan18#70609 I told him we know who he is and he should watch his back.

@Ownsscammers#70622 Tell him joe’s used goats has $200 worth of goats to have relations with since he’s a bakrichod

@TheSpartan18#70609 I hope they are paranoid.

@JusticeinTexas#70591 Devil scammer!

Cold hearted scammer: “Patthar Kaa Dil!” (literally: Heart of stone)

@drwat#70684 For sure. He was one of the worst. How do they think that a government agency would talk to a widow that way? Only seeing $$$$$. ; )