'CRA' Called an hour AGO

A CRA fraud officer by the name of Craig Williams has called twice today demanding I call back to 1-800-577-4298 in order to avoid being arrested for tax fraud. Number is live and they don’t ask for any information.

2019/02/08 6:55 PM EST, not very good at the job they answered but the guy couldn’t find his script.

@Darrell64#74510 ask for austin white

i knew it was a scam but had nothing going on so i called back and got Craig. What an asshole, he tried to get all official and demanded my SIN so I asked if he realized that 1: he should already have it and 2: its against the law to ask me for it, hung up on me so I called back and got some female AGENT! OMG scared now!!

asked for officer Craig and they hung up again, so i’ve called back from several numbers and played their game and sent several hundred texts to 1 800, my number must be blocked now cause i cant get through and Craig wont speak to me, LOL. What level of losers are these people, why don’t they get a real job, maybe street walker, glory hole monitor something akin to their skill level. Just hoping that they may read this.


Saturday Feb 9, 2019: 12:24 PM EST… working Saturday. They ask for my Social Insurance Number.

First call I got an open line:

Second call Mumbai Mary wanted my SIN, you can hear her in in the background of call one.


LOL: She revealed a Toronto 416 number, says it’s her personal number and she’s at home. But you can hear calls in the background.


FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 800-577-4298

@Darrell64#74572 Note she may have just given the number of a recent call she handled… These scammers play other games.