Cra 4164642557

CRA 4164642557 - They did bust me once for not calling from Canada phone number. Very loud busy call center.

Officer Jayson Devlin


Senior Supervisor Officer Walter Schmidt


Officer Anna Smith


@gmason#92923 I had a 5 minute talk were he said hiw stupid canadians are and how he used to work at an IRS scam


According to a guy there the call center is owned by Sagar Thakkar. He is in prison now but this guy says he still runs this and many other call centers. He said two of the actual “managers” names are Adhi and Bhavik. This guy gave me all the info I needed and transferred me to the senior agent Ronald Martin who I am talking to now.

Case number: RC9137TF613

Warrant number: 4DR183C02

He told me “Officer Ronald Martin” is from the US and his nickname is Nate (wasn’t sure if real name or not)