court order

From: Office Of The Commissioner Of Police [email protected]
Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2024 at 10:49 AM
Subject: Re: ⚖️ Official Court Order Warning ⚖️

Ref: No. 00829-34-09/YMN-GPI8/2024
Office Of The Commissioner Of Police
Cybercrime Cell / Computer Centre
Police Headquarters,
MSO Building, J.P. Estate, New Delhi 110002.


This is to inform you of the attached alleged court order against your
Internet IP traffic by the Central Bureau of Investigation, Department
of Research and Analysis Wing.

It is quite unfortunate to turn your official or private Internet to a
juvenile pornographic movie cyber.

The Central Bureau of Investigation works in partnership with the Police
Cybercrime Special Units in handling all complex and sensitive cases of
cybercrime, especially when the victims are women and minor children.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art spider/crawling
digital software and equipment, having forensic capabilities such as
extraction of deleted data from hard drives and mobile phones, imaging
and hash value calculation, forensic servers and portable forensic tools
for on-site examination, facility to extract data from latest Android or
IOS as well as Chinese phones.

Based on the above, it is extremely difficult for any victim to
consciously or unconsciously visit juvenile pornographic sites without
being digitally captured.
More information or clarification on the court order will be made
available to you upon receipt of your response within 24 hours; our
office operates 24 hours / 7 days.
Be assured that serious legal action will be taken against you if you
fail to respond to this notice within 24 hours of receipt.
To forewarn is to forearm.

Ritambra Prakash (ACP/CB)
For Deputy Commissioner Of Police
Cybercrime Cell / Computer Centre
Police Headquarters,

Copy to:

  1. Section Officer (UTS-II), GOI/MHA, New Delhi.
  2. So/Ps To CP/Delhi.
  3. Inspr./Cr/Estt. And Intelligence Bureau /PHQ
  4. I/C Computer Centre/PHQ
  5. Acs-R, Vii And Computer Cell/CB

what some Indian call center got busted today
somebody’s not going to be happy

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