Cory dropped a new channel!

If you don’t know the legend of the greatest hacker ever to bless this forum with his presence, this post isn’t for you. If you do, enjoy. Many are aware that Cory is a so-called Targeted Individual. This community is a group of largely uninteresting individuals who believe that the government or other groups are stalking and persecuting them. Often this includes using satellites to track them or implants being placed inside their bodies. This belief is founded in paranoid delusions, especially as a product of schizophrenia. Cory sent ip loggers and malware to members of this forum. He believes that youtubers like Scambaiter and Jim Browning are intentionally avoiding him because he is so skilled that he would embarrass them and because if he got a shoutout his youtube would be so successful it would hurt the other youtubers. I will let you decide.


I don’t know a lot about the superb tools at his disposal, however I do know this guy is a tool
A true legend in his own little lunchbox :joy:


I watched a few minutes of the video and all I can say is… Wow. The few comments are equally wow.


They are certainly a special bunch :laughing:. Look them up on youtube and you will be in for a laugh. There was one guy who was using a stud finder to show a journalist his implants, but when the journalist tried it beeped for him too. Instead of coming to the conclusion that the test was faulty he decided the journalist must have implants too. :rofl:


Think this guy might’ve forgotten to take his medication. Not the first time. :joy: :joy: :joy: