Coordinated Tech Support Scam Takedown

I am surveying the interest of a coordinated effort to take down one of the more extensive tech support scam operations.

With a great of help and support from the community, I managed to collect 100+ domain names belonging to the same group of scammers.

What I had in mind is getting together on Discord to target this scam operation by reporting their domain names to Google Safe Browsing, antivirus vendors and hosting providers. A coordinated takedown is well-known to be effective to take down malware C2 servers and phishing campaigns.

I calculate that one domain takes about 8-10 minutes to report on every platform it matters.

The goal of the takedown session is to get the websites associated with the tech support scammers blacklisted. As a result, the victims will see a red 'blocked' page when they stumble across one of the websites, which will break the usual phone script of the scammers.

If you are interested in a coordinated takedown session, please indicate your intent below or DM me on Discord (@IceMugger).