Contract Commission

Email sender: Amir Khalid [email protected]
Email title: Contract Commission
Reply-To: [email protected]

My respected friend,

Good day to you! We have a floating sum of Four Million, Six Hundred Thousand Euro Only (EUR€4,600,000.00), an OVER-INVOICED CONTRACT BALANCE PAYMENT from a Contract Commission here that will be directed to your Private or Company’s Account within two weeks of our commencement in this project. I have contacted you to stand as the Beneficiary to the Balance Payment as one of the foreign Contractors that executed contracts with the Commission.

Meanwhile, the Fund has been short-listed as part of the UNPAID CONTRACT BALANCE PAYMENT without any Certified Contractor’s information attached to this sum, placing the Fund on free transfer to any foreign bank account. I will give you further details in this regard once I confirm your readiness. Reply with the following details:

Your full name:
Your address:
Your Occupation:
Your age:
Your private telephone: