Connecting a fake printer to VM

When I call printer scammers, sometimes the smarter ones will check to see if any printers are hooked up to the computer. Is there any way I can attach a fake printer to the VM? Is there special software I can use to do this?

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Could you just download the driver for some random printer and install it?

That won’t show that a printer is hooked up to the PC.

How about install a print to pdf driver and change the name of it with regedit?

Install a wifi printer of your choice (who uses a printer directly connected to you PC nowadays ?)
To kae it even more fun have a device (e.g. raspberry pi zero W) with the ip address you configured the in the wifi printer setup. (you can even fake http headers showing it’s a printer you configured in your VM)

Best thing you can call explaining you can “ping” the printer but it just won’t respond to print
But hey that is why you are calling right :wink: just sit and watch how they try to figure it out

How to create virtual printer for testing purposes | IT Blog

You are a genius thanks

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