Confronting Scammer Payback Impostors

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Basic gist of the video, based on my observations:

  • These Nigerian ScammerPayback impersonators were targeted by Pierogi, Dan Gleeballs and Agent G9 after continuing to scam despite a prior warning.
  • The scammers have also been known to mass-report videos that expose them for their wrongdoings.
  • Two scammers have been identified for operating the “De Pierogi” account, as well as similar accounts impersonating Scambaiter, Kitboga, Nanobaiter (who had a facetime with one of them) and Trilogy Media.
  • The two individuals behind the “De Pierogi” account appear to have stolen $1,715.35 in Bitcoin, as well as an undisclosed amount of money in gift cards.
  • Another impersonator was found to be a likely friend or associate of the individuals behind the “De Pierogi” account
  • Another impersonator has been identified as part of a small romance scam group that targets elderly females on Facebook under the guise of U.S. veterans.
  • Agent G9 confronted the scammer by opening his photos on his computer, prompting him to cover his webcam and, later, shutting down his computer.
  • Another group of scammers, dubbed the “Dan Gleeballs Trio,” operated the impersonation accounts “Payback_Agent” and “Helpdesk Pierogi”
  • One of these scammers has been identified as Temidayo Ogunnowo (on the left) and is believed to have forged U.S. state IDs.
  • Another scammer, AJ Patreek, who is believed to have connections to the man on the right in the Dan Trio, was baited by Pierogi himself and was prompted to shut down all of his social media accounts.