Compensation scam

Email sender:
[email protected](reply to [email protected])

Email title:
Attention: E-mail owner,

Attention: E-mail owner,

this compensation is for all the scam victim pas years 2020- 2022,it
from (I.M.F) according to them,they said that your e-mail address was
found as as one of those that pas, through scam victim,and your own
fund was deposited in our office here in Benin to transfer to you
through Money Gram money transfer.

We have concluded to effect your payment via Money Gram Money
Transfer,$3,500 twice daily until the total sum of $3.7Million Dollras
which we were mandated by the IMF to transfer to you is completely
transferred. We now needed your information as to where we will be
sending the second payment to you,such as; Receivers name (Your full
information),like full name,address, phone number,and country.
finely,your first payment as been sent to you,we sent it with your
e-mail address,so we are advise you to go and pick it up,in any Money
Gram around your city,but try comply back with full information
because we can not send you , your second payment through e-mail address again,

For your information here is our officer E-mail
Address: ( [email protected] )
Director Name Mr.Joe Timo

Here is the bellow information which you will use to pick up your
first payment of $3,500,again try to given us call once you pick up
your first payment,so we send you another $3,500,due to that we are
mandate to transferring your fond two wise daily. And here is the
bellow information;

Sender’s Name:… Mir John
Reference number…number#86353218,

Try and see that you contact Mr.Joe Timo +234 9045072982 immediately
you pick your first payment in order to enable him send you your
second payment immediately.

Mrs Mary williamsluis.