Comment usernames of Sextortion blackmail scammers on instagram and Snapchat

I’m getting into scam baiting and my first target is those dirty sextortion scammers. after becoming a victim myself of this, I want to do everything I can to help prevent future cases.

basically, I intentionally fall for the scam and waste as much time as possible using anonymous profiles in a secure environment and send them photos of p stars from the internet instead of myself and when they start the blackmail I waste as much of their time as possible, attempt to get them to click on a grabify link. and then I screenshot everything and report it and send the proof to the proper authorities.


Sextortion is the worst mostly the Yahoo boys do that with a Blackmail format/script and sometimes they will laugh about their victims/what the yahoo boys calls clients that they scam and lead to death. They are every dating and normal website not just snap and Instagram but Facebook and Tinder too.

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I’d like to find out how I can bait them too - what sites do I need to fish around on?? How can the scam be identified?

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basically any hot-looking girl profile on Instagram
with a weird bio and name is guaranteed to be a sextortion scammer

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I have one for you bro i was a recent victim to this person

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Welcome! @Zerolimited76

Thanks it’s good to be here