Comcast scam (855) 451-7136

Scam Number: (855) 451-7136
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: $30/month Comcast


855-451-7136 Jerry Monday 11-21-23 12:10PM EST


Vonage line, scammers also pick up as a “Spectruim Authorized Reseller.”

Pakistani call center


855 451 7136 zachary ,nolan, leon and jerry in newport beach california claim to be authorized spectrum dealer , asked nolan if he was in Pakistan he tells me he moved from pakistan eight years ago with wife and two kids and now lives in California, I then continue play scam with noland for awhile pretending I am interested in the internet service but NOTLAID was able to answer even one basic question , I then insult nolan telling him , you couldn’t find California on globe if it was in front of you. so come on, and hows everything in Pakistan he says fine and hung up. Communist will do and lie about anything to take advantage of consumers so I step on there heart and let them hang up on me knowing they know that I KNOW they are scammers.

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Lahore city, Punjab, Pakistan. They speak Urdu and Punjabi.

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