Cold Call from Fake Life Insurance Company

Cannot find a website and the “agents” say that they have no idea what it is. They say that you have inquired about life insurance. The accents were so bad that I could barely understand them and of course they use American names. If you question them, they get mean and nasty.

Are you a smoker or non smoker? YES. Oh, that is great. HAHA!
Sent me to an American who never heard of American Directives. He said he was with Senior something or other. I said I never said I was a senior. I told him that whatever call center he was using were liars saying I had inquired about life insurance since I had called from different numbers and they said the same thing each time. I told him that it was not a good look to use liars with bad accents to push this and I would never do business with anybody associated even if they might be legit.



“Thank you for calling back Insurance Enrolment Centre, this is Alex. How can I help you?”

When I claimed down the line I had allegedly reached out to numerous companies regarding life insurance quotes and asked for the actual company name. ‘Alex’ claimed the company name was simply “Insurance Enrolment Centre”! I said I do NOT smoke - click.

When I called back I got the following
“Thank you for calling American Directives, this is John. How can I help you?”
Again, I tried to fish for a website, click!

When I called back again

“Thank you for calling back Insurance Enrolment Centre, this is Kelly. How can I help you?” This time round, I confirmed I was a smoker and 60! She confirmed I had a free life quote ready; then hung up half way through…? but when I called back again I got “Thank you for calling back American Directives, this is Kelly. How can I help you?” - Confirmed the usual, she hung up too half way through being prepared to read me my non exist quote.

Getting nowhere so far. They seem quite sceptical and on the edge. They seem to be swapping between these two fake companies.

I called back again and got “Amanda from American Directives”. This time, I confirmed I was a smoker and 40 years old instead of 60. She asked how much I wanted for the quote or whatever from 5-50k and I said $30,000. She then transferred me to a ‘licensed agent’ from what was allegedly my state (INDIANA - Area Code: 260).

The lady I spoke to “PATRICIA PERRY”; a [broker] with connections to loads of insurance companies not just one so once she obtains my info she’ll find a “perfect match” with a ‘premier top notch insurance company’ not just any other. She was quite rude once she found out I was fake - I was trying to have a genuine talk with her understanding the process, she said I’m more of a scammer than they are because I’m not being ‘genuine’ yet earlier in the call she said good idea of not giving out personal information like that (etc).

She claims because I don’t want life insurance, nothing matters. She said to me the call was recorded (I believe I have her Direct Call back number). The American lady said to me it’s a ‘lead system’, with me being the ‘lead’ for example because I’d have supposedly ‘responded to information’ regarding this type of call. I asked her why they kept swapping between the two different companies but she said that must be how it works, I was about to point out that you, @JusticeinTexas , were saying regarding another American Agent you dealt with having never heard of AMERICAN DIRECTIVE - She didn’t want to listen. I then pointed out the fact the call centre is sketchy and refuses to share company information for example. She again just said “Oh because you don’t want life insurance anyways (blah blah blah)”… She couldn’t tell me why the call centre bunch don’t verify things themselves anyways. She was blatant and had no regard to hold an actual conversation whilst I was trying to get to the bottom of things. She didn’t mention her company name, but I couldn’t quite catch it and didn’t ask again because I knew she wouldn’t share it - She claims she gets real people actually wanting life insurance connecting with her the same way I just did all the time. Then again, she’s an employee, correct assumption? (For example she can’t vet directly who she’s working with etc).


While cruising through the hundreds of block with Spectrum scam numbers in them, there is every scam in amongst the number ranges

This one has a large presence in a lot of blocks, so I decided to log a few numbers for the robocalling fucking pests.
A quick look around online shows this name has been used for years as this dopey final expense insurance rort


The boiler room sounds fairly big and noisy

The original number in this thread is a stand alone number and is still active.
It sound as though these other numbers route to the same hole

5083568170 American directives

7242786741 American directives
7242786742 American directives
7242786743 American directives
7242786744 American directives
7242786745 American directives
7242786746 American directives
7242786747 American directives
7242786748 American directives
7242786749 American directives
7242786750 American directives
7242786751 American directives
7242786752 American directives
7242786753 American directives
7242786754 American directives
7242786755 American directives
7242786756 American directives
7242786757 American directives
7242786758 American directives
7242786759 American directives
7242786760 American directives
7242786761 American directives
7242786762 American directives
7242786763 American directives
7242786764 American directives
7242786765 American directives
7242786766 American directives
7242786767 American directives
7242786768 American directives
7242786769 American directives
7242786770 American directives
7242786771 American directives
7242786772 American directives
7242786773 American directives
7242786774 American directives
7242786775 American directives
7242786776 American directives
7242786778 American directives
7242786779 American directives
7242786780 American directives
7242786781 American directives
7242786782 American directives
7242786783 American directives
7242786784 American directives
7242786785 American directives
7242786786 American directives
7242786787 American directives
7242786788 American directives
7242786789 American directives
7242786790 American directives
7242786791 American directives

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