This started about a week ago, but now they are literally bombarding my email! I get an email from them every few minutes (or sometimes multiple emails)! How do we stop them? Reporting them doesn’t work, they have thousands of accounts or something like that…

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As far as I know they use bots to send multiple emails at once not what details of the scam do you have

They send me emails from multiple Gmails telling me to withdraw my Bitcoin from their system. The emails are usually spammy Google Forms, PDFs that link to Google Docs, PDFs that tell me to buy Bitcoin from Simplex then send it to them, Google Docs, and Google Drawings. Any way to effectively deal with them and mass report them to Google? I’m tired of reporting every single one that comes since I get them so often.

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Report list here [email protected]
Also if it says send bitcoin ask them for there account and we can report BTC account could be traced possible frozen also reporr URLs here NCSC
They act in everything sent in also if you have a email from them that you can reply too send here and I’ll send a IP grabber to see where they are

Ok. They are still bombing my email and haven’t slowed down as of today.

Have you got email I can reply to

All of their emails are random. I don’t think they’ll respond; they’re simply just bots.

Screenshot the emails and links for further detail

Yeah If you send links also the emails screen shots we can report them also

They send me messages every few minutes, how am I supposed to report them all?

Yes it is difficult to report but if you block report so copy and paste them into one section and send off in one go

Every message they send me is slightly different. Also from different Gmails.

Okay just send some of the links