Cloned Credit Card Scam

Scam Number:
Scammer’s Website or Email: IG @martin_dupontt1 +33644680357 Snap: justin_stoner22, Telegram: justin_stoner1 (contact details provided to order cloned credit cards to withdraw various amounts)
Additional information about this scam: 1. I found a credit card skimming scam on Instagram, they are selling cloned cards for cash. They are targeting me by following my Instagram, there is a French phone number indicated in one of the posts, and an email. But I read that often those operations start in Brazil or Mexico, where they replicate your card using modified payment terminals. They claim being in possession of thousands of cloned credit cards.

The Instagram is in French. The person withdrawing cash seems to be of black color, which would match origination in Brazil.

This is doubly dishonest. Besides cloning the credit cards, they also sell the ability for people to withdraw a certain amount of cash, but often the banks might flag the transactions and block the credit card, so the person buying that service may end up only being able to withdraw a more modest sum. And then of course the people using those cards are scammers in their own right.

If anyone wants the details, please let me know.