As we all know, has been plagued by unnecessary chit-chat and off topic discussions in threads.

Over the past hour and half, I’ve been monitoring the rankings page to test a theory. It appears FuelDaFlame and JNteamed(who’s supposed to be a thread moderator) are in some cold war of upvotes and rankings. They’ve been replying to posts for the sake of replying. When one gets to 3rd, the other replies to a few posts to regain the position.

The clutter is getting very bad now.

Keep in mind that I like an active community and have no ill-will towards the users in mention. Just want to keep the site usable.


I don’t see a problem with it honestly, if people want to use the site to talk to others they can, and it’s kinda what a forum is for.

@thunder#6798 I understand but the actual stuff drowns away.

@thunder#6798 I think we should add a general discussion forum. It gets annoying when they post random, useless comments on a thread that’s meant to be serious.

@R34P3R#6816 I also thinks staff thread would be useful. It could be done by choosing recipients, but I’ve noticed that those kind of threads don’t update to the top of the list.