Cleanup of troll/spam accounts

There seems to be a lot of spam/troll accounts lately on wether they are posting numbers that lead to nothing or scammers themselves.

If you believe you see a troll/spam account or discussion then please flag it, even if you’re unsure. We won’t punish you for flagging accounts or discussions.

We’re trying to make the best place to lookup scam numbers.

When I wake up (currently 2am) I’ll go through posts/accounts and remove any that are spam/scam accounts/discussions.



Well pleased. Spammers and trolls are super annoying and damage this community’s great reputation. I want to do my part to make this community the best scambaiting community!


Time to go in MOD OVERDRIVE! I’ll keep doing what I’m doing to make this as troll and spam free as possible


@Markiemm … good work keep up with the brilliant website we love this lets keep clear of spam and trolls !

sending love to all

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Please dispose of all trash. Including those bad numbers some jerks post.
Any how you are doing a spectacular job at managing this website.

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