Classic "Microsoft tech support" scammers

Website: hxxp://

Number: +18444160999


I tried calling this number with FireRTC and it is no longer working.

I’m talking to him now and he can’t even get rid of the popup haha. He thinks im Lewis’s tech because we’re both British lol.

They are very bad at insulting people lol

@LuckVintage#11817 You need to change the callerid when using firertc or you will get blocked.

@memes#11859 Hi. I changed the Caller ID already but it still does not work.

@LuckVintage#11861 What does it say?

@FOXYCallum1#11863 I just get the firertc error telling me the number is incorrect

@LuckVintage#11864 Oh, it works for me. Try using Google Hangouts or something.

@FOXYCallum1#11866 Don’t you have to pay for Google hangouts?

@LuckVintage#11867 Nah, its free on Toll-free numbers

@FOXYCallum1#11874 if you’re in the U.S it is free to make U.S and Canada calls

@scraps210#11875 Oh, i thought Hangouts only worked on Toll free.

@FOXYCallum1#11877 :wink:

Called them. Got redirected to a "senior technician then they did nothing. They use GoToAssist, so maybe they realized who it was when i typed my name as “George Nigga”

@FOXYCallum1#11874 Oh, thanks! I’ll take a look later :slight_smile: