"Choice Home Warranty" - (607) 204-8026 & (585) 318-8197

These were located two weekends ago

8003597814 Choice Home Warranty
8003618258 Choice Home Warranty
8004849678 Choice Home Warranty
8009627634 Choice Home Warranty
8009835082 Choice Home Warranty

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Three more all on the Peerless network

8004953861 Choice Home Warranty
8008144206 Choice Home Warranty
8008161266 Choice Home Warranty

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4206 - ACTIVE AND “ANSWERING”; ‘Marilyn’ was prepared to take down my details for an representative to call me back with a free price quote when they are actually operating during alleged business hours or whatever! Gave her their own (800) number and she took it as my own! Gave her the address of a Burger King Outlet located at 3823 South Emerson, Indianapolis, IN 46203 and she took it as my own. @LordOfTheRings They are SO stupid! It’s unbelieveable.

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@LordOfTheRings You wouldn’t believe what I finally got in my inbox! Must’ve been from the 4206 number, definitely… @OfclyGoodenough

ASSOCIATED WEBSITE: www.choicehomewarranty.com
ASSOCIATED PHONE NUMBER: +1 (800) 814-4206 | +1 (800) 496-0107
ASSOCIATED ADDRESS: 2147 Route 27 South Edison, NJ 08817

LOCK IN YOUR LOW RATE link showed the following pre-filled information:

Oh, would you look at what contact number is already showing… THEIRS! The same one I GAVE and said was mine earlier… As if! ROOKIE MISTAKE.

Clicking “SUBMIT” then showed me the following under the REDIRECT link of Choice Home Warranty | Get a Quote :

I selected [TOTAL PLAN + All of the Optional Coverage Selections] and pressed continue.

I was then presented and shown with this final screen that wanted payment, of course, not surprising with the REDIRECT link being Choice Home Warranty | Get a Quote :

The two different options of MONTHLY & SINGLE PAYMENT. I inputted the following billing address as 100 Bikini Bottom Avenue, Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411 and entered a PRIVACY.COM Bank Card (kindly setup for me by @barryspar; it has $0 loaded on with a $1 spend limit in place) into the form and hit “PURCHASE”.

I was then, fairly, going to be hit with the following screen as of this point with the REDIRECT link as https://www.choicehomewarranty.com/get-a-quote/confirm.php :

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@LordOfTheRings @OfclyGoodenough Woah, would you look that. Without my consent, it’s evident enough, they’ve stuck me on their mailing list!

Furthermore, a personal email from one of their employees furthermore ANOTHER contact number. See below and act on this to your hearts content if you’d please!

NAME: Ahron Shouela
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE NUMBER: +1 (888) 531-5403 (Call and [ASK] for Ahron Shouela; I chose Option 1 from the IVR Menu relating to Questions etc).

“Ahron” said they’d buy me a brand new replacement of a similar make and model of anything even if it’s like a part discontinued no matter what if they can’t fix it. “Ahron” said when I make a claim, rather than paying $100; I pay $85 instead only with discount. Told me they are the best in states, with the fastest times. Told me the offers are only for today.

$60 MONTHLY → $49.29 (w/ discount)
$660 MONTHLY → $528 + 1 month free, 13 months at $528 (w/ discount)
Told me I pay upfront now and my coverage starts in a month - fully refundable for the month.

Told me they aren’t accredited by the BBB, because they don’t pay them. Told me the Arizona lawsuit - 8 years ago? Said they are never at fault anything. Blamed this lawsuit on the heatwave.


Also said they had a different CEO at the time, 2021 they hired James Mostofi. So what difference does it make? Also told me allegedly Mostofi increased their coverage and is a better CEO! So?

Told me he’s more-so prepared to use his Friends&Familys 25% discount even more on me via the MONTHLY Program to get me a cheaper starting/rate @ $43. Claimed his supervisor signed off on this.

Seems like quite a nice guy though, even after all the civil talking and discussions etc, come the end when I verified I truly didn’t want to proceed and made up some stuff, he wasn’t hostile to me and was happy to stop trying to close the deal and sell to me as he basically tried his best. I did business in school myself a few years ago for a while, I can say - IMO (In My Opinion) he’s definitely really solid & convincing when marketing.

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This doesn’t surprise me one bit
The conga line of thousands of bad reviews on all the review sites say to expect up to a dozen calls or emails a day from multiple numbers more than likely
These predators are disgusting they way they target people
When people demand they cease contacting them it never stops.
They get quite abusive if you don’t entertain their crap policies

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Seems like our good friend @josephnormandgrinnel had a word with one of their warranty specimen.

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Thank you.


While rocketing through the Spectrum blocks a couple of numbers for this crowd have shown up

4243850445 Choice Home Warranty

7314207596 Choice Home Warranty