Check for &750,000 for gift card scam (405) 293-3474

How are you doing today, Hope this email get to you in good state of mind.

I email to inform you that your certified check worth $750,000.00Usd
is still available and ready to be deliver to your doorstep after you
have been able to complete the payment of $100Usd for the cost of
issuing a NEW CHECK and PAPERWORK which will enable a successful
transaction today, note that we do not have a lots of time to waste
any longer on this transaction and I also want you to know that the
due date of your previous check has exceeded which you will be require
to settle the sum of that $100Usd in order to enable ‘First US
Community Credit Union’ issue you another check to enable a successful
transaction today.

Remember, this is the only require fee on this transaction and after
the payment has been made there will be no hidden more fee again on
this transaction and be rest assure that your certified check worth
$750,000.00Usd will be deliver to your doorstep without any further
delay, which I will advise you to please do everything you can in your
reach to see that you are able to send the fee using a bitcoin machine
payment or a gift cards.

You are hereby, allow to send the fee via a bitcoin machine or you
will locate any store around you buy any of these available gift
cards, steam gift cards, eBay gift cards or Google play gift cards of
$100Usd, at the store make sure they activate the gift cards when you
get home neatly/gently scratch the card take a full picture of card
and receipt then send it to my mobile telephone number as text message
today: (405) 293-3474 and after then we shall proceed immediately on
this transaction today.

Thank you as I wait to hear from you as soon as you receive this email
today, God bless you. Amen

Mr. Alfred Morris:

Reported number and it’s dead now.

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