CHASE Bank Spoof

Hi all, completely forgot to check my VoIP line over this past week due to being extremely busy however 4 days ago I received a missed call from +1 (718) 312-6870 with no text message or voicemail left behind.

I called it back and immediately was greeted by a CHASE IVR Menu system. I instantly went to check the number and according to Chase Bank website’s bank locator section I uncovered it’s linked to the following location: Williamsburg and N 7th | Chase Bank

Being both a non-resident of the USA (at the time of writing and publishing anyhow) and currently not a Chase Customer (doubt I’d ever have a reason to be one), I wonder what the scammers plan was had I answered it in the moment. Particularly, whether I could’ve obtained any direct details such as a personal call back number etc.

Anyone else dealt with the same/similar? Would love to hear it.