Changing The Voicemail Greeting

Could somebody post a guide to changing a scammers voicemail greeting , to make the caller aware it’s a scam?

Step 1 - Clone or spoof their phone number i.i. 800-555-1212

Step 2 - Once you call in most VoIP services will recognize the number and pass you to VM.

Step 3 - Hit # or in some cases 1 and the start trying pass codes.

Step 4 - You can use a to generate codes (typically 3 or 4 digits)

Can we use firertc for this?

@Garris_Tobin#40071 I don’t understand are there any tutorials? I also want to do this

@Garris_Tobin#40071 Nevermind I found out what you mean. Now I am wondering about using FireRTC like MrWilson asked

I will try and write one.

@Garris_Tobin#40080 Oh that would be helpful. If FireRTC does not work for it could you include what else we can use in there?

I made many attempts at 310-356-6947. After the prompt I typed *99, then the “no one is available” message played, then a second message played asking me to “enter the extension followed by the # key”. I couldn’t get past this point.

@MrWilson#40073 Yes. Some numbers cannot be spoofed in fireRTC like toll free, 510 prefix and a few more.

Then how do I do it? Does someone have a video tutorial or something

I am still wondering…