Changes in CRA & Service Canada (CSSA) scams

Happy New Year…

In the past year or so Mumbai Mike has switched tactics, maybe do to the COVID shutdowns in India? Last year or pre-plague you got a robocall or voicemail with the normal bafflegab and they would leave normally a TextNow number for you to call back. Those numbers could be posted to various scambaiting forums, like so fun could be had by all!

Now we get the robocall with the associated script .. to avoid yada. Press one to speak to an officer (actually you can press any number!) They spoof a third-party phone number in your area code & telephone exchange, I would presume their system can't spoof 1-800 numbers, nor have I seen local Government of Canada numbers. I live in Ottawa and federal gov't has their own exchange 613-99*-**** . Nope I get these via my phone provider 613-***-**** with the exact same exchange as mine most of the time. Occasionally they mess up I have gotten the Service Canada call from New Jersey and South Carolina ;) but more often it a wireless number similar to mine.

If one misses the call and you call back you get an innocent and confused third party. I wonder what Munbai Mike's success rate is with press one versus call back at: ***-***-****?