"Certified as a beneficiary of the estate and resources of Late Craig Goodenough" 419 SCAM

Email sender: Mark Rowlands - [email protected]
Email title: Hello Austin Goodenough

“This email informs you that you have been certified as a beneficiary of the estate and resources of Late Craig Goodenough after extensive long- term research. If you are of the Goodenough lineage, I will give you more information about your benefits.”

Email sender: Mark Rowlands - [email protected]

I appreciate your response to my initial letter; I apologize for the message’s ambiguity; I didn’t want to provide any details if you weren’t the intended recipient. My name is Mark Rowlands, and I work at the London firm Thompson Smith and Puxon. Mr. Craig, whom I serve, died in an automobile accident on March 15, 2014. Mr. Craig had never married or had children when he came from the United States to the United Kingdom as an orphan. The dead was a successful oil investor who conducted business in Europe and other South American countries. He appointed me as his personal attorney, and I worked with him for six years before he passed away. Since his death, I’ve done substantial investigation to find his closest surviving family or a long-distance relative, but my efforts have been fruitless. My original contact was sent to you as a last resort three days after I received a request for the proceeds estimated at £ 6.8 million from the financial institution. If I don’t provide a next-in-line claim within the following 21 working days, the funds will be declared abandoned under bank regulations, and everything will be given to the state.
Before he died, the deceased did not leave a will. When a person dies without a will, the probate court distributes the assets to the next of kin. The Intestate Act is what this is called.
Because you and my late client have the same last name and I was suggested by you, I have access to vital and obligatory legal documents that would provide you the legal right to claim these assets from the bank.
The claim will be carried out in accordance with legal procedures in the United Kingdom, and I will represent you at all probate court hearings. My responsibility is to make sure you get your benefits on schedule and to walk you through the entire procedure. Success is assured if you work diligently with me; nevertheless, keep in mind that we are following the right legal procedure, and there is no way to expedite the process. You won’t pay me any money; if you receive it, you’ll only have to pay me 30% of the benefits. If you let me know if you understand this message, I will be able to give you with the contact information for the financial institution where the payments are gathered and advise you on how to proceed.
I’m hoping to hear from you shortly.”


Mark Rowlands

Senior Associate

Thompson Smith and Puxon

Stable six, stable road

Colchester Essex

+ 44 7537 102375