Cash app

Scammer’s Number:(319) 253-6798
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Stacy from cash app :slight_smile:


Having a lot of fun with these guys.

Tell them you tried to use your CashApp to pay their moms on GB Road and it wouldn’t go through. :laughing:

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I call and start a sentence then hang up. They call me back and I answer Tarrant County Sheriffs Department. If this is an emergency, please hang up and call 911. Otherwise, how may I direct your call? I do this will all Cashapp scammers. They stutter and trip overthemselves. THen I call back and say I am Deputy Miller and I just received a hang up. Are you being held hostage?

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Haha Nice! Small world I live in Tarrant county. Might try something similar since I picked 817 number for my TextNow

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Hoarding​:joy::smiley: Judas Priest in back ground wailing :musical_note::notes::notes:

So we are probably neighbors, my dear! I also live in Tarrant County. Texas girl all around.

They were responding to me asking if they are cashapp, they picked up nearly everytime and got 5 different scammers on the phone

is this a refund
and extra info please

I just told them someone made a fraudulent charge on my cashapp account, and they asked for some info, then tried to get me into a remote access software


ok thank you

Welcome :smiley: