Cash App Support Scam

Scammer’s Number: (314) 476-4500
Domains Used:
Extra Info: “David” from Cash App Support … Originally on my TextNow number that I only use for scambaiting and abusing scammers I received a call from (850) 530-6839 because I had just gotten into TextNow to bait/abuse scammers, so I answered the call and the robo spiel started about suspicious activity on my Cash App account and how my Cash App account is temporarily locked, and to press 1 to speak to someone about it. I do not have and never have had a Cash App a/c. So when I was on the phone with him on the 850-530-6839 number that called me, I told him my grandmother just got home from the grocery and that I need to help her bring the groceries inside. I tried to get a callback number but he said that he will call me back in a few minutes.

I then called 850-530-6839 but it was a message machine that seemed like a personal message machine of some woman, SO I THINK THE 850-530-6839 IS A SPOOFED PHONE NUMBER.

He called back to my TextNow from 314-476-4500 and I answered and it was the same David from fake Cash App, and I said I will call you back in just a minute as I am still helping my grandmother, which of course is not true as all my grandmothers have passed away. So I called back about a minute later the (314) 476-4500 and David from Cash App support answered, and went into his spiel, and asked me what cell phone number of mine it was on which I received the original call from the spoofed phone number, et cetera, he needs to get on my computer, et cetera, et cetera.

So (314) 476-4500 is the number to call. PLEASE do not harass the 850-530-6839 because they SPOOFED the 850-530-6839.


The (314) 476-4500 number is a TEXT NOW number. I called and got the generic TextNow message machine. Of course I called from the TextNow number that I used before, so he probably did not answer my call since after wasting some of his time I called him out.

Maybe if others call though he will answer.

Nope went to the generic textnow message for me

He must be spooked, or he has had enough for today. Thanks for tryin’ though, Draco! I will revisit this TextNow number though, even if just to leave mocking and nasty messages.

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