Cash App Scam

Scam Number: 855-394-0566
Scammer’s Website or Email: which prompted my friend to install ConnectWise.
Additional information about this scam:
My friend had an issue going on with their cash app account (disabled) and found this support number online. (agent laughed at my friend the entire time) Once called they prompted them to head to where they then prompted them to enter some code. Then requested my friend to open their PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App, and asked if they had a bank (they didn’t) and said they would call them back. They then texted me about this because it seemed suspicious, called them back and asked to validate if this is cash app support where they then hung up on me :slight_smile:. (no call aback to my friend)
Texted on: 813-590-2948

855-394-0566 Jack Wednesday 5-15-24 3:00PM EST

855-394-0566 Still Active Thursday 5-16-24 12:09PM EST
916-872-9598 Call Back John

855-394-0566 Still Active Friday 5-17-24 11:13AM EST