Cash App Big Indian Scam Running
(805) 206-2542
(936) 587-5986


844-509-0207 – Femscammer who did not understand English very we. Called me back 7 times and did not understand that I was telling them to go crawl into a hole an die.

805-206-2542 – Another idiot arguing that he was really Cash App

936-587-5986 – I told him nobody like him not even his mother and that upset him, Boo hoo.

855-600-0607 – All I can say about this guy is DUH

888-303-0815 – Oh, I have talked to these dweebs before.

Verified at 1227 CT USA.



Thanks to calling scammers

Verified at 1227 CT USA what is this i not understand please let me know

Verified at 1055 CT USA i got this on amazon discussion group and my discussion is closed

please open my amazon discussion so i post some more amazon scam website please

such like= (850) 312-5455


@core#155606Verified means that I call each and every number posted to verify that it is a scam and if the number is still working.

@core#155606 The 850-312-5455 number you just posted is verified to be working at 1256 CT USA.

@JusticeinTexas#155623 Thanks alot actually i don’t have more idea how to use this plateform to stop scam but

i try by best i findout website and posted here. if i make any mistake please let me know and correct me .

sorry for asking again where i post new amazon scam website becase amazon Discussion group seem to not reply

its closed pleaase let me know so i post more scam website thanks.

@core#155628 I do not know anything about the Amazon site you are referring to, but you can post all Amazon scam numbers here. Thanks for your help in fighting the good fight against these thieves. ; )


Amazon scam active now

Prime Care


@JusticeinTexas#155632 amazon scam

+1 (833) 299-8887

@core#155777 Thank you core. I reported the site to google.

Number’s dead…

All sites reported! Nice work, Core & JIT!

@ScamChod#155840 Thanks to everyone to support me to stop this bullshit scammers who scam everyday to peoples any how to stop this brutal scam thanks team keep it up and do the best .


@core#155628 sorry for asking again where i post new amazon scam website becase amazon Discussion group seem to not reply

Yes, I think the discussion was hidden by accident.
For non-moderators, visiting the page tells us that it has been hidden or deleted.
@Jaymee @JusticeinTexas @Core

By the way, there are so many CashApp scams using Google sites that it might be worth compiling a list of them in a text document and emailing it to them. Normally the Google sites stay on if you report them on the page for some reason.

@Telescope#155916 Thanks to reply me my amazon discussion Group is hidden it not allow me to report there.

if is it possible so make live so i post amazon number there.



(850) 312-5455

6 website live now
+1 (888) 441-3230
(929) 350-0769
(415) 689-1252


+1-844-509-0207 I asked for help paying my mom and was gonna lead him on an endless line of bullshit with TeamViewer, but he kindly told me to wait 1-2 hours and try again and hung up. LOL

amazon scam running

+1 (888) 827-0991

amazon scam active now


Indian scammer active now