Carphone Warehouse Scam

Scammer’s Number: 02392161280 / Extras used
Domains Used:
Extra Info: [email protected]

Uses extra numbers to dial out with range 02037751xxx


Welcome to Sales Department of Carphone warehouse

Dear Sir,

A great deal is waiting for you ,

We are running a promotion of the latest Mobile phones with the cheap line rent. This offer is only for Promotional Department.

We have Authorization with all major networks Like:

O2 , Vodafone , GiffGaff , 3G , EE , TalkTalk

Three , Tesco , Sky , Lieka , Lebara.

Agent ID:

Agent Extension :


Mobile Phone:
iPhone 12 Pro Max 5g (256 GB)

Graphite,Silver,Gold,Pacific Blue

Line Rent:
£37.99 per month

Security Fee:
Contract Period:
2 Year

Excellent Tariff Plan:

  1. Unlimited Calls.
  2. Unlimited Text
  3. Unlimited Internet data
  4. 1000 international calling minutes


About Previous contract:

If you are already in a contract we just upgrade your previous contract.Like we will pay your all the remaining bills on our own behalf and you only have to pay for your new contract you will not have to pay any single penny for your previous contract. when you get your Parcel at your door step you have each and every information in written form with your Parcel.

About same number and Network:

Actually we have authorization with all the major networks.If you want to keep your same number and same network we will provide you same number and same network and if you want to change your number and network so we just change your number and network to pay your all previous remaining bills on our own behalf.

More information About Phone Contract:

When you get your Parcel at your door step you have two letter in written form as well, one is welcome letter from warehouse and second is cancellation letter in which clearly mention that we pay your all remaining bills and you only have to pay for your new contract.After that you have trial period of 15 days and your first monthly bill comes after 15 days at your door step.In the duration of trail you not have to pay any single pee for your contract.

More information about iPhone 12 Pro Max:

· 6.7 inches

· 1284 x 2778 pixels

· 12 MP

· 6 GB RAM

· Apple A14 Bionic

                                                             iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Regards Sales Department:

Sales Department Number:

Company details:

The Carphone Warehouse Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office: 35 The Broadway, Eailing, London W5 2NP. Registered in England No. 2142673. © Dixons Carphone PLC 2019.

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Great detail !! Have you ever used Grabify before? Please look into this as it grabs their IP address. Myself and 2 others have been dealing with fake UK targeting Carphone Warehouse for a while now. Their IP always comes back to Lahore in Pakistan

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Problem is they are calling my mobile - So I cant pull any info on the call.
I call the number back and it dials out. Its a Portsmouth Number,

2 x Carriers as the Range Holders for their numbers could be alerted. Already reported Domain for email to WhoIS contact for abuse. I think.

If I am able to get info on their IP - Ill let you know.

I think it is the same group here. CPW are also investigating but naturally cant do anything about them.


As a matter of fact, for education purposes: Carphone Warehouse ONLY SELLS VODAFONE, ID MOBILE, AND VIRGIN MEDIA as of end of 2020. If you see it stated otherwise, IT IS A SCAM, unless you are a business customer.

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BTW Dan - Watching your video on it and I have already reached out to the CEOs Office and had a chat with them - They passed details on to their security team that are doing some investigations.

There are some other things that Im doing but not sure itll make a difference.

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That Portsmouth DDI they have still works, I wonder how many DDIs they have in that range?
Either way I managed to record my call to them today in pieces so Thats going off to CPW (The Real One…)


As of today Carphone Warehouse and Currys merged and they no longer offer telesales so any one callling claiming to be Carphone Sales Department is a scam!

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Now using -
Using numbers in this range
+44 20 8914 4697
+44 20 8914 4410
+44 20 8914 4900
+44 20 8914 4715

Same script as below comments

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Hello again to all.

Car phone Warehouse scam.
This tel no of 02081579473 is currently live and everytime I call I get Sarah.

Anybody else online today who can give her a call ? :rofl: :rofl:

I have been annoying them for a couple of hours but I need to go out.

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when i dial that number it won’t connect, goes “call ended” instead of ringing