Cardinal Debt Relief & US Processing Solutions - robocalling student loan scammers

On 16th Dec 2021, 03:17 pm EST, I received an illegal robocall from callerID (518) 551-8977 despite being on the National Do Not Call registry by the FTC. I called back and reached US Processing Solutions, agent name Amy Arnold which tried to sign me up for a contract with Cardinal Debt Relief LLC. She made it clear during the call that they are related to each other. The contract is available at clixsign-next or at Cardinal Debt Relief - student loan robocallers contract - Album on Imgur

More details about US Processing Solutions:

More details about Cardinal Debt Relief LLC:

That guy Cole Freda ran other, similar debt and student loan related companies in the past but it didn’t end well: Financial One Solutions LLC (Link to OpenCorporates) got closed in Feb 2020 due to tax forfeiture. The same thing happened to his company Iron Debt LLC (Link to OpenCorporates) which closed in Jan 2018.

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Wow, this is some really good information! I will make sure to file several complaints against them with FTC now! I’ve been bothered and harassed by robocalls from the “US Processing Center for Student Loans” for years. They’re beyond obnoxious and they violate DNC and TCPA daily! I am also on the National DNC List and I have no student loans. They’re real harassers and they don’t care about the law!

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It is also interesting to note that 972-777-4201 is the number on Onvoy/Inteliquent network and 972-972-4582 is the number on Ring Central network. Both of these entities are known egregious violators of TCPA and are safe havens for scams and spam.

The DNC does not protect anyone at all. I watched a Canadian video on scam calls and the victims of these calls registered for the Do Not Call list and are now part of it. They made reports about these calls to the right people, but so far nothing has been done. The DNC is also ineffective because it doesn’t actually prevent any scam calls. It just lets them come in.

While DNC doesn’t protect people per se, it establishes the foundation for litigating against VOIP providers harboring scams and egregious violators of the DNC. A person with sufficient financial resources can then easily sue entities like Onvoy. The problem is that most people don’t have 50+ thousand dollars to hire an attorney for it. The latter are unwilling to work pro bono or on the contingency basis. Another issue is stemmed from the Federal government’s unwillingness or inability to fight VOIP providers hosting scams and spammers.

So, theoretically, the DNC works, but there is lack of enforcement. Occasionally, the FTC and FCC sue certain VOIP providers, but it is not enough. Still, at least, there is some limited level of protection against scams and spam. I can tell you that I was really bothered and harassed by some Indian “staffing firm” with a VA office calling almost daily. I didn’t get far making complaints about them to the Feds. However, the State Attorney General’s office was able to help me. They sent the cease and desist letter on my behalf to these obnoxious spammers and calls stopped immediately. In fact, these idiots were then placed on the non-compliance list and would be monitored. I don’t know how effective such “monitoring” is, but I got something out of it: the calls from these scumbags stopped. I encourage everyone to contact as many government agencies as possible to achieve some results. We cannot be passive and let scammers prevail. Only going after VOIP providers hosting scams and spam appears to work. They are the source of evil. For example, Inteliquent is the core violator that uses all sorts of excuses why scamming is so prevalent on their network (e.g. their “hands are tied, because they are just a wholesaler”. One thing they fear is negative publicity and government attention, that’s why I encourage everybody to continuously report VOIP scum daily. “VOIP” is a banned four-letter word in my lexicon.